SUGAR | Prism™

$ 25.00

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Holographic cosmetic chrome effect pigment powder and NEW HOLO FLAKES formulated just for nails!

2 grams actual product weight in a 3 gram jar. Yes, we weigh each jar carefully to make sure you aren't buying premium air.

SUGAR | Prism can be applied over lacquer or LED/UV gel polishes! These magical microns and flakes were specially developed to produce a fiery, linear holographic display without scatter or 'meh' effects in various lighting. Fuss free and versatile enough to still allow base shades to peek from below depending on how Prism is applied. Choose your holo application passion easily with the highest quality for the lowest price per stunning holo effect gram in maniverse!

Includes: beautifully sleek, non-tipping, safety sealed geometric jar, a sponge/brush applicator and 1 powder perfect protector with instructions for use. All Prism purchases include an additional SUGAR | Drop silicone cosmetic sponge.

PRISM | Petals holographic flakes! Superior, highest quality and character available. Easily press or burnish smooth onto any nail coating for gorgeous full spectrum effects with a smooth profile and no bumps or jagged edges. Sold in 3 gram and economy pro size 5 gram volume jars.

PRISM | Fire, holographic pigment! Aptly named, Fire will dance linear and vibrant in more lighting scenarios and show shades from below more easily. Very metallic, smooth silver finish on the highlight. 2 gram actual product weight in a 3 gram jar.

PRISM | Fire and Glacier set, holographic pigment! Can't decide? PRISM | Fire and Glacier set is both of the holo pigments. Your choice, you're covered in uncommon quality holo displays! 1 gram of each, for 2 gram total product weight in 2 separate 3 gram jars.

PRISM | Glacier, our new cosmetic Northern Lights dance over an icy chrome reflective sheath! Why 2? Because, they're holo effect different! A little smoother, and for this reason, tends to play peekaboo with color from below, more subtle in some indirect lighting, dazzling in direct light. Chrome, reflective finish on the highlight. 2 gram actual product weight in a 3 gram jar.

Shipping now! All include trial application tools.

*Safety Data Sheet available upon request.