CHROMELEON | Super Wicked™

$ 29.00

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Chromeleon Super Wicked collection!

Dynamic tri and quad chrome cosmetic pigments just for nails are wickedly beautiful characters with superior qualities.

Sold singly as 2 grams product scale weights in safety sealed 3 gram volume jars. 

So super fine and ultra pigmented that a little dab will do it! 

SUGAR | Chromeleon Super Wicked tri/quad color key: forgive us, they're so shifty that it's hard to pin them generally down sometimes. Expect the unexpected throughout your day.

Chimera: pink, gold, chartreuse 

Phoenix: burgundy, amber, gold

Scandal: cerise, copper, gold

Enchantress: plum, cerise, bronze gold

Circe: indigo, violet, magenta, chartreuse

Nocturna: dark indigo blue, dark violet, cerise, bronze 

Mystique: cerulean, blue, violet, magenta

Livewire: green, turquoise aqua, blue

Ivy: plum, forest, teal, iris, magenta

P.S.) We don't think they're truly wicked or naughty, they're just misunderstood super ladies with uncommon abilities and fierce style!