SUGAR | Precious Metal™

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Hear Ye! Once upon a time in a maniverse not unlike this one, lived a d̶e̶s̶i̶g̶n̶e̶r̶ dragon. She would never create or offer something she wouldn’t buy, horde or wear herself or allow her associates to horde and wear and/or design, wear and horde for their associates and so on and so on to infinity. Through the years, the purrrfect Rose Gold, Platinum. Rhodium and 24k Gold effect cosmetic nail pigments eluded her lair of treasures... until now!

Precious Metal collection includes: 3 gram volume safety sealed jar/s filled with 1 gram (Platinum, 24k) and 1.25 gram (Rhodium, Rose Gold) scale weight dry, cosmetic pigment powder for precious metal nail effects, dual sided applicator, fingercot and instructions. Precious Trove (set of all 4) saves 10% on 4.5 total scale weight grams in 4 individual, safety sealed 3 gram volume jars. *Precious Metal effect swatch ingots are pictured here over a white base with the exception of Rose Gold over a cover pink.

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All rejoiced and there was much mani merriment.