SUGAR | by Social Claws

Crimson Collection | Luminaura FireOpal and Chromageddon Risqué Red cosmetic effects

PINKquinox | cosmetic pink chrome and holographic collection

Precious Metal | cosmetic platinum, rose gold, rhodium and 24k mirror chrome and electroplate effects

Luminaura | the original cosmetic AB and electroplated crystal pigment effects as seen in Teen Vogue, May 2017

Chromageddon | cosmetic real silver and color chrome pigment effects

Prism | cosmetic holographic effect

Eclipse | cosmetic thermal black to clear effect

Chromeleon | super shifting cosmetic chrome effects

Chatoyant | magnetic cateye cosmetic effects 

Sprites | holographic color chrome cosmetic effects 

Flakies | mirror solid cosmetic chrome flakes

Hematite | dark mirror cosmetic chrome effect

Blossom Bubbles | creative floral and gem design kit for nails

The Stickler | innovative tool for detailed design work

Ice | nano crystal caviar